You Fool

Well, now I know why Jester chooses to stay anonymous: if I was responsible for such a terribly-written, pompous, overwrought, self-serving blog post, I’d want to keep my name hidden too.

It’s hard to choose which paragraph is more ridiculous than the others, but here’s one of my favourites. I’d suggest reading it out with a refined British accent while picturing yourself with a monocle and cane:

  • Firstly, the wage restructuring was not precipitated by the executive or any other body in the AMS. It was structurally imposed by the province of British Columbia, and hence, has compelled the relevant bodies to adhere to such regulations. Secondly, the wage restructuring being proposed by BAFCOM is satisfying the minimum wage requirements for May 2012, which is higher than that of May 2011. Thirdly, the presentation at Council regarding wage restructuring was marred in great difficulty and confusion, as the plan had been disseminated to Council later than desired, while information regarding exact figures seemed difficult to ascertain.

(I love that phrase, “information regarding exact figures seemed difficult to ascertain.” He uses it a little later on, too: “Although it is not definite as exact numbers are difficult to ascertain, business managers for the AMS are almost certainly being paid more than their student superiors.”)

This was a monumentally stupid post to write. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a smoking gun. A tip for Jester: when you’ve written something, sleep on it overnight and make sure you really want to publish it. At the very least, it will give you the chance to give it a final edit and save us readers the chore of trying to decipher your weird prose.

It’s obvious that Jester’s post was written in response to mine. Now who, one wonders, would be SO concerned about the “misinformation” out there, calling for executive pay raises to be put off until next term, that they felt the need to write such a long, impassioned post arguing against it—and using a wealth of insider information to boot? I know who would, and I know who did, and I can hardly think of anything more inappropriate or pathetic than writing an anonymous blog post calling for a raise for yourself. This post was written by an AMS executive, folks.

More on this later. First I need to talk to some people.



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2 responses to “You Fool

  1. It was speculated that Jester was an exec with last term’s executive, and if we are speculating that they are a current exec, then which execs were on the executive last year and this year?

    dun dun dunnnnn

    That is the case unless one (or two) of those speculations are false.

  2. Michael C

    Why speculate?

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