The Results

Now that the results are available, I can offer some comments that are a bit more informed and considered.

First of all—and, I might add, exactly as I predicted—we can dispose of the worries over Bijan’s unfair influence. The position he cared most about was President, and his candidate, Michael Moll, got absolutely demolished. If anything, I’d say Jeremy was helped by Bijan’s attacks.

For Bijan to fund 10,000 flyers and those delicious, delicious peppermint patties was both arrogant and wrong. But I never thought for one second that people would vote for the candidates that Bijan told them to, and I don’t know why anyone else thought this. Actually, I do know why: Bijan Derangement Syndrome. Bijan has taken on the traits of an invincible supervillain, and it was fun to postulate about how he was going to dictate the results of this election. The problem is that it never bore any relation to reality.

The most surprising result was in the VP Academic race. I’m not surprised that Matt won; I knew he had a chance, and I’m not sure why Ricardo was so adamant on ranking Matt third. But I am surprised that Matt won by so much. I think the Greek vote actually played a huge part in this election, and remember, we know from that “anonymous” pamphlet who the InterFraternity Council endorsements were:

  • Jeremy for President
  • Elin for VP Finance
  • Matt for VP Academic
  • Mitch for VP External
  • Mike for VP Admin

An anonymous commenter confirmed that this was the IFC endorsement list (though again, we have to take that for what it’s worth because it’s anonymous). The only candidate who didn’t win from this list was Mitch, and that was a close race. And almost everyone agrees that Katherine won through sheer hard work; she campaigned her ass off and got her name out there better than any other candidate. I’m actually a bit disappointed at the lack of boots-on-the-ground campaigning from most of the people running in this election.

Having previously won an election against a Greek candidate (and by the way, I’m not “anti-frat”; it’s just daunting when a candidate has such a big constituency lined up from the beginning), I can attest to the fact that the Greek vote is not a guarantee for anyone. But in this case, it appears to have been the most influential factor in the election. Would that many people really have voted for Matt over Justin otherwise? Again, it’s not the fact that Matt won that surprises me; it’s the margin.

One or two more thoughts.

First….we finished behind Radical Beer Faction in VFM voting. THEY POSTED LIKE TWICE! Damn you Naylor. I choose to blame it on the fact that we were the last name on the ballot. Yeah.

Also, I’m going to keep writing on here whenever I have anything interesting to say. I like doing it. Plus we had over 1,000 page views yesterday. That’s pretty awesome. (I’m also going to keep writing here. And in many other places, no doubt.)

Finally, everyone is deriding the 11% turnout. I have to say, I’m always kind of amazed that over 5,000 people vote in this election. Think about how many people that is. It’s a lot. I always assume that the only ones paying attention are the 100 or so hacks who are on AMS Council or one of the closely affiliated groups. So in that sense, it makes me happy that such a large number of people take the time to vote. Yeah, 11% is not a great turnout, but it’s not terrible either.

If you feel like you’re going to miss all the drama and insanity of the election, be sure to come to the Council meeting on Wednesday night. That’s going to be bananas in so many ways.

In the meantime, I guess I better start doing my homework again.


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  1. I very much doubt that was the IFC endorsement list. Didn’t Mitch and Jeremy admit to making those pamphlets? As you noted, the pamphlets endorsed Matt but the website endorsed Justin–another giveaway. Of course, they’d have to put Matt on their so called “IFC endorsement list” or no-one would believe it it was real for a minute. Don’t take anonymous comments too seriously 🙂

    David (watching all this from UVic)

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