Taking Stock

Well, I have nothing of substance to say about this right now, except that you should all keep an eye on the Ubyssey tomorrow, because bombs are going to be dropped.

I suspected right away that there was something deeply fishy with the ithinkubc site, but it was the Ubyssey staff, along with some help from the UBC Insider folks, who followed through on it, so kudos to them. This site was never meant to “scoop” anybody; the only thing Ricardo and I care about is offering interesting commentary on things that are happening.

And damn, there is a lot of shit happening right now. This stuff with Jeremy is only the beginning.

Just keep in mind tomorrow that there are at least three scandals underway:

  1. Jeremy and Mitch creating the ithinkubc site
  2. Bijan organizing and possibly funding (or was it the Jews?) a slate of candidates
  3. The anonymous asshole who writes Black Box

Sigh…I have to admit that tonight, I’m with Alyssa. It’s not fun when things go too far.



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