The Real Bijan Is Live Again–With Changes (Updated)

I’d say that this meta blog talk must be boring for everyone else, except our pageviews have skyrocketed since I started focusing on it.

Anyway, the ithinkubc site went offline earlier tonight, and is now back. But a few things have changed.

Fortunately for us all, as we investigate this extremely important matter, Ricardo saved a version of the site before it went offline. We should be able to figure out everything that’s gone. So far we know about two things, and we’ll add to this list if we discover more.

  • The names of two First Year students in the post titled “”
  • Their endorsements

So the guessing game begins…why would they take these names off? Are they worried about lawsuits?

Also, keep an eye on that “strategic planning” chart. You have to have a lot insider information to write it. I’m almost 100% certain it was written by one of the VPs.

Update Man, the intrigue on all of this is fascinating as hell. Laura Rodgers notes in the comments that the First Year names have also been wiped from, which is the site that the ithinkubc site is making fun of. You can see the original page here, and the current page here. (The relevant paragraph is at the bottom.)

Why would both sites have the names of the First Years removed?




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4 responses to “The Real Bijan Is Live Again–With Changes (Updated)

  1. I wish there was stuff like this to blog about year round..

    • brian platt

      GREAT catch, Laura! This just keeps getting weirder and weirder

      • They likely removed the names so readers couldn’t find them on Facebook or in real life as easy. Which is likely as I’ve already found two of them. The third one is a toss up, as you know all too well how many Andrew’s there are on this campus.

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