The Author Of Black Box

The thing that was really throwing me off about Jester was their comprehensive insider knowledge combined with what seemed to be a very far-left stance on Resource Group issues—in particular, the Gaza transfer. I just couldn’t figure out who had both of those traits, plus was capable of writing in that style.

Then I realized that it was actually a mistake to focus on the Gaza transfer stuff…looking back over the posts, you realize that Jester has actually not been as obsessive about this as I first thought. In fact, the true motivation for all of Jester’s writing appears to be a sheer, all-consuming hatred for Bijan. Not that this narrows the list of councilors that much, but it makes it fairly clear who the author is.

Now, I am about 95% sure of this, so I’m not going to post any names here, and if anyone posts a name in the comments, I’ll delete it. I don’t think it’s right to publish accusations about specific people unless you know for sure what you’re saying. Some of this information has also come in as tips from others who are working to learn Jester’s identity.

I should also say that I’m not motivated by the legal ruling that got leaked before councilors had a chance to see it; I really don’t care about that. What I care about is the callous way in which other councilors are being trashed anonymously. It’s shameful.

So, here is what we know about Jester. Think about who you know on council who fits this profile perfectly:

  • Involved on council and in student politics for at least two years, maybe more. Both their Twitter and Facebook accounts have added hacks who have not been involved for a while.
  • Very strong knowledge of all kinds of wonky AMS business–able to offer opinions on the Health and Dental plan, the work of SAC, and our status with CASA
  • Absolute hatred of Bijan
  • Knowledge of Council committee work and which councilors have been contributing
  • Hanging around the exec offices enough to overhear things being said, or, at the very least, friendly enough with the execs to have information passed on
  • Enough connections to get the legal ruling before councilors did
  • General loathing of Ekaterina, and good knowledge of the SUB negotiation process
  • Exuberant admiration of Andrew Carne, Allen Chen, and Sean Heisler
  • Very opinionated, but pretty well-spoken
  • Good knowledge of English and Shakespeare and such
  • Enough knowledge of the VFM process to not only apply for it, but launch a whole appeals effort through the ombudsperson when the original application was turned down

Do any current or former AMS Councilors really not know who I’m talking about? When you lay it out like this, it becomes pretty obvious to my eye.

And to discuss the latest pathetic “scoop” by Black Box: some of what you say has the ring of truth about it, and much of it sounds like invented conjecture. The thing is, we’ll never know, because you’re publishing it all anonymously and have no accountability. You are smearing anyone and everyone who had the misfortune of being endorsed by Bijan, and smart people like Michael Haack are falling for it. No “dirty laundry” was exposed here; just a bunch of gossip and allegations that are deeply unfair to people who did nothing to deserve it.

You and I both know that if you were publishing this under your real name, you wouldn’t have the guts to say half the things that you said, because you pretend to be friendly with a lot of these people. Which makes it that much worse that you are stabbing them in the back now.

We need to have a name for the kind of thing on display at Black Box….Bijan Derangement Syndrome, or something, where a person’s hatred of Bijan causes them to lose all moral scruples.

And even if half of what you say is true—that a few people jostled around to figure out which positions to run for, SO WHAT?! Everyone does that! You think the SJC people didn’t decide what to run for? You think Ben and Jeremy didn’t have discussions about what was best when both were thinking about running for President? OOOOOOOH big conspiracy.

The most laughable aspect of all of this is the assumption by Jester that Bijan’s endorsements are going to swing this election. It’s the classic fallacy of attributing far more influence and power to your enemies than they really have.

Please, everyone, keep your thinking caps on when reading the juvenile scribblings at Black Box, written by a coward who is sliming people who are otherwise treated as friends. Don’t let Bijan Derangement Syndrome get a hold of you too.




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14 responses to “The Author Of Black Box

  1. Now, now. I wouldn’t throw BBUBC’s allegations out of the window completely; it is conceivable that what they wrote could or could not be true. I mean, they come across as well-connected and knowledgeable and I wouldn’t want to throw the latest post out of the window just yet.

    Given that active blogs don’t stay anonymous for long I can’t imagine anyone being silly enough to make these stories up only to have it come crashing down on them in a couple months. Or maybe they thought they could get away with it for long enough.

    Besides, who doesn’t love sensationalizing conspiracy theories?

    • brian platt

      “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” Mark Twain said that, and he’s right, and don’t let yourself be a part of that, Haack.

  2. OH look at the endorsements by BBUBC and see how they differ from who-shall-not-be-named. Is that a red-herring?

  3. Do you think it’s two people or just one person?

    • (Given that the legal opinion and one post about the budget was posted by servuscallidus and not Jester)

      • brian platt

        Meh, I don’t really care if Jester’s got a helper. Jester’s the one who is baselessly attacking councilors using extensive insider knowledge and gossip, and that’s what I care about.

  4. Rory Green

    Wow, I really want to know who Jester is. This reminds me of the time everyone knew who Eden Hart was but me.

  5. Bahador

    ok, I’m confused here! Brian, you’re suggesting that Jester is a councilor but the ombudsperson said he/she is not (he did, right?)!
    Also, I don’t think that person would say those things about Sumedha (or would she/he, just to mess with our heads?

    • brian platt

      Yeah, I was trying to remember what the ombudsperson said as well—I think you’re right, that the ombuds said it wasn’t a councilor.

      I feel very certain about who Jester is, and that they’re a councilor. But the person who actually leaked the document is another name, “serviuscallidus” (which means clever slave, and is generally used in plays and poems and whatnot), might be the person who talked to the ombuds.

      Look, I didn’t really care about who wrote Black Box until the last two posts, in which they started really viciously attacking councilors. That crossed a line. And the person doing it is, I’m quite sure, a councilor. Thought not 100% sure, unfortunately.

      And whoever it is apparently has a hate-on for Sumedha that they can only express anonymously over the Internet, which is despicable.

    • Michael C

      I still say Blackbox isn’t clever enough to be messing with our heads because until now, no one has started guessing at who his or her identity is. Posts after this point, however, could definitely be red herrings.

      There’s no doubt now that Jester is either on council or at one point, was on council.

      And I have no idea what this Eden Hart business is. Has blackbox-esque happened before at UBC?

  6. michael h

    Yeah, what’s this Eden hart business?

  7. Sean H

    Sorry, I’m a little confused here. Where was the exuberant admiration of me found? I don’t remember seeing that one anywhere, Allen and Andrew were in the Councillor picks, but no mention of me there…

    • brian platt

      “We missed the opportunity to salivate over a Heisler-Carne tandem on the Board that would have represented and articulated student interests to the University better than any in recent memory.”

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