Twists and Turns

This just keeps getting better! Laura Rodgers notes that the ithinkubc site in fact endorses Justin, not Matt. So the flyer endorses Matt, and refers you to you a website which endorses Justin. WEIRD.

I think it’s getting clear now that the IFC had little or nothing to do with this. Somebody got their hands on the IFC endorsement list and decided to whip up a flyer and website (based on the quality of both, I’d say it was all done within a few hours.) And I’d put down very good money that it’s either a councilor, a staffer, or an executive who did this.

Is anyone getting tired of reading about this? Too bad, I find it fun to watch.



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One response to “Twists and Turns

  1. Sarah

    I think the name mystery has been cleared up in it’s last post. What do you guys think about the website?

    Also, this has been the most toxic, disgusting election periods I’ve ever seen. Can’t we all just get along? (At the same time…at least i’m never short of gossip)

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