The Real Bijan Goes Private

So I was hopping around on the blogs tonight, trying to see if anything interesting was happening, and getting disappointed because nobody was writing about anything.

THEN I discover that the site has gone private, meaning nobody can get to it without permission. This was true as of 11:13pm on the 20th.

Ooooooh what does it mean? Did they get spooked with the response they were getting? Are they just doing some renovations? Are they moving to the site that Cheung discovered they had purchased? (Yeah, but I still scooped you on the site going private, Cheung, so suck on dem apples.)

EDIT: Haack suggests another possibility: “Bijan probably threatened to sue them.”

Or does this all mean nothing in the big picture, and things will be back to normal soon?

Blah, I’m bored.




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2 responses to “The Real Bijan Goes Private

  1. Bijan probably threatened to sue them

  2. Michael C

    I’ve been outscooped

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