The IFC Endorsements

Someone named “Greek” left a comment under the last post to clarify the flyer. It’s anonymous, so take that for what it’s worth, but it sounds accurate to me:

IFC created an internal endorsement list, and the publication is accurate insofar as the names of those endorsed. It was never meant to be made public though.

So somebody in the IFC really, really loathes Bijan, and decided to disseminate a fairly cheap-looking but effective flyer leaking the IFC endorsements. There’s also enough insider information in the posts at the weirdly-named ithinkubc blog that I’m guessing there’s a councilor or two working with them as well. And Bijan’s made enough enemies on council now that the list of possibilities is almost endless.




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5 responses to “The IFC Endorsements

  1. Insider information? Like what? I looks like things that could’ve been easily google-searched up. I’m not one to point fingers towards council members until it starts looking like BlackBoxTheatre.

  2. I think he’s referring to some of the work attributions on the Strategic Plan post – quite a few things there that haven’t been covered in VFM, as far as I can remember. Not necessarily a councilor, but this is information that required speaking to someone who was a semi-insider.

  3. brian platt

    Yeah, that’s right. For most of the stuff in the Strategic Plan post, you’d have to at the very least be talking to a councilor to get that info. Unless you pay a ridiculous amount of attention to mundane AMS inner workings, in which case, GET HELP FOR YOURSELF.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t even be surprised if it’s an exec working with the ithinkubc people. Even then the list would be hard to narrow down.

  4. Greeksanon

    I would not go as so far as saying that the flyer was set-up by a member of the ifc who really hates bijan. Greek members have friends outside the greek system, and those particularly involved in student politics are sure to have pestered their fraternity friends for the IFC endorsement . Once that endorsement is passed internally it is almost always leaked

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