Endorsed by Media?

By the way, I’ve got nothing against Matt Parson, but that flyer says “endorsed by media.” Can anyone name a single media outlet that endorsed Matt over Justin? The guest post by Matt’s frat buddy notable person and unbiased observer Azim at UBC Insiders doesn’t count.

“Endorsed by media” is a strange phrase to put on the flyer anyway, but I thought I should point out that in this case it’s not even true in the slightest; every other candidate on there has been endorsed by at least one VFM/newspaper. If I’m missing a #1 endorsement for Matt somewhere, point it out to me.

I should add that from what I know of him, Matt would be fine in the role. He just has the misfortune of going up against the most qualified candidate you could imagine.




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3 responses to “Endorsed by Media?

  1. I’ve got a comprehensive endorsement chart, and other than Bijan.ca, no one.
    Even Studetunionpress, who endorsed Wang, put Yang as second over Parsons.

  2. From what I gathered in the AMS Confidential endorsement video, Kai, Taylor, and Ekaterina seemed to consider it a toss-up between Matt and Justin (though they ultimately showed Justin’s picture.) Why the hell does Studentunionpress list ranked ballots including candidates they hate, when it’s possible to omit candidates from Condorcet rankings?

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