As The World Turns

First of all, and I should have emphasized this right away: for the same reason that Black Box and Student Union Press are cowards for attacking people viciously without putting their names behind it, those who are writing ithinkubc are in the wrong here. It’s never cool to attack anonymously. I suspect in this case it’s being written by a councilor/executive who doesn’t want their name out there, but the same standard applies: if you aren’t willing to put your name behind it, don’t publish it!

Secondly, the two people who ran for AMS President last year both chimed in under the Strategic Planning post—the post that convinces me the blog is being written by someone on council.

Here is Bijan’s comment; it ramps up his vindictiveness against Jeremy to sky-high levels, and brings in Ben and Elin in ways that will undoubtedly piss them off. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone burn his bridges so publicly and angrily as Bijan has done in the last couple days.

This obviously looks like it has Jeremy’s finger prints all over it.

Let me add a few facts that are missing here:

I had to take charge of the UBC Line project because it was very time-sensitive and I knew from experience that Jeremy could not deliver. In fact, even on the one occasion I asked him to connect with a City Councillor that he knew, he took for ever to initiate the contact and did not get back to me until the morning of my presentation to Metro Vancouver Board, so I had to change my presentation in the last minute. That’s just one example of his poor work ethic. The same executives quoted have complained to me on many occasion that Jeremy does not answer his cell phone, which AMS pays for. Both Ben Cappellacci and Elin Tayyar have told me on several occasions that unless Jeremy has some hard working VP’s nothing will ever get done next year because jeremy is, as Ben called him, a “lazy kid!”

It’s not unusual for an AMS President to take a public critical stance against candidates running for that office. Michael Duncan did it. I’m told that Jeff Friedrich also did it (against Matthew Naylor, his then VP External). I don’t have a personal gain/loss in this, but I just want students to know what my experience has been like working with Jeremy this year.

His opponent in last year’s election, Natalie Swift, responded with a comment:

I’d like to respond in the same way as I did on Jeremy’s wall. Bijan. The above comment is also slimy. As I said before, I don’t know who posted this blog but, please, blame it on me and not your fellow team member and candidate for your position.

Also, I was around to hear both Michael and Jeff’s critical stances regarding candidates they had worked with previously. I do believe you highlighted who Jeff was critical of, but I believe you failed to mention who Michael was critical of? Regardless, I found both Michael and Jeff to be honest, professional and fair in their critiques. With the trust and respect they had built up with the student body, I feel that their endorsements and opinions were valuable to voters.

You’re right Bijan. You certainly have the right to express your opinion. However I find the manner you have chosen to express it petty, unprofessional, and distasteful. Of course,the fortunate outcome of this is that you have provided enough fodder for students to make a more accurate assessment who you are verses who you purport to be.

Jeremy originally posted links to this blog both on Twitter and Facebook, but wisely decided to take them down and keep a professional distance. Depending on how deviously brilliant you think Jeremy is, that little mistake either shows he wasn’t a part of this at all—or that he just wants us all to think that! But honestly, I don’t think Jeremy’s had a hand in this.

I didn’t realize this before, but the name ithinkubc is a play off the website. It was started by a bunch of first years who I feel sorry for, as they clearly didn’t know what they were getting into. I know some of them, and will sit down and have a long grandfatherly talk with them about the politics at play here. (At which point they might tell me go stuff myself—that’s always a possibility. Young punks.)

Finally, Sarah left a comment under the last post saying that

this has been the most toxic, disgusting election periods I’ve ever seen. Can’t we all just get along?

Actually, I’m fairly certain that if you go back over the last decade of AMS elections, you’ll probably see that this one is no more or less toxic than previous ones—although having an AMS President openly trash his executives so viciously is likely unprecedented. Count me as one of those people who likes negative advertising and commentary. I’d be disappointed if we didn’t have it during an election. I don’t want us all to get along!

Politicians have power if they win their positions. Most of them exercise this power with a bit of arrogance, and sometimes a LOT of arrogance. They take on status. In exchange for having that status, other people are allowed to pick them apart, bash them, exaggerate their errors and mistakes, and so on. That’s how it goes. A good leader knows how to ignore unfair criticism, and respond to the criticism that deserves to be responded to.

But how many times can I say this? NOT ANONYMOUSLY. Anonymous criticism is gutless and irredeemable. I don’t have respect for any website or publication which does it, no matter who the target is. Whoever writes ithinkubc should step forward and state their name so we can all judge them properly for what they’re writing. Say what you will about Bijan: as least he has the courage to put his name behind his words.

Man, I have homework to do. This is all too distracting and fun.

Also, The Student Union Press has amusingly brought out its detractors. (first spotted by Michael Cheung)




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9 responses to “As The World Turns

  1. I’m giving Vanguard all my scoops, aren’t I? =P

  2. michael h


  3. Harsev

    Oh Brian! Whatever goes around in that head of yours! Genius!
    Just curious, what do you make of this comment?
    “Of course,the fortunate outcome of this is that you have provided enough fodder for students to make a more accurate assessment who you are verses who you purport to be.”

  4. Sarah

    Quoted in the Vanguard! Best day of my life!

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