The Plot Thickens

This flyer is all over the SUB right now, and probably more places.

After Bijan unceremoniously, and tastelessly, bashed Jeremy while making his “personal endorsements”, we now have this reaction. The website is here, which gets even more vicious.

Everybody is calling it an InterFraternity Council (IFC) flyer, but I’m a little hesitant to say for sure. The “Endorsed by IFC” line is sandwiched between two meaningless lines, “Endorsed by Media” and “Supported by Students”.

I don’t know very much about the IFC, but my understanding is that Matt Parson is one of Bijan’s “guys”. Parson is also the IFC President. Would the IFC really openly produce or support this? I’ll wait until they say for sure.

Although the picks are also interesting: the hack candidate over the frat candidate in Jeremy over Mike, but the frat candidate over the hack candidate in Matt over Justin. Yes, yes, I know, the frats don’t all vote together. But still, I don’t see very many people endorse Jeremy but not Justin.

Anyway, I love it. I love these battles. Keep the pamphlet wars coming! It’s like the American Revolution all over again.

Kind of.



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One response to “The Plot Thickens

  1. Greek

    IFC created an internal endorsement list, and the publication is accurate insofar as the names of those endorsed. It was never meant to be made public though.

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