Let’s Get This Straight

I’m not doing endorsements in this election, mostly for the reason that too many candidates are councilors or former councilors of the society that I’m the president of, and it just wouldn’t be right. I genuinely like all of the AUS candidates who are running, and they know I like them, even if we disagree over politics from time to time. The AUS just has awesome people.

But one race in which I’ll willingly say who my my vote goes to is Board of Governors. I’m with the huge crowd of people who have endorsed Sean Heisler and Sumedha Sharma. (Really, has anyone not endorsed them?)

The point of this preamble is to address what the anonymous author of Black Box wrote about Sumedha. The post unfairly went after Katherine too, but as a constituency president, I have something particular to say about this.

Now look, full disclosure: Sumedha and I are mortal enemies, and I will destroy her in jello wrestling during Science Week. But Black Box is full of shit on this matter, and I have to point it out.

Constituency presidents do not run for their position in order to be on AMS Council—or at least they shouldn’t. They run to be the president of their respective constituency. Their first priority must always be to take care of the society that they are running; any constituency president who lets themselves get overly obsessed with the AMS is a bad president.

A constituency president is on Council primarily to represent their constituency’s interests, and to ensure that the decisions and goals of the AMS are part of the constituency’s deliberations. This is different from regular AMS representatives from each constituency, who have their position on the democratic principle of representation by population. An AMS rep from Arts, for example, is not there to specifically represent the Arts Undergraduate Society; they are there to represent Arts students as a whole.

If anyone has a problem with this interpretation, chime in with a comment, but I think this is widely accepted and understood.

Sumedha is, to my knowledge, very popular and respected in the Science Undergraduate Society. Black Box says she has had “rare engagement” on Council. What do you want from her? She has spoken up when she’s had something to say, and has otherwise done her job: to represent SUS, give her constituency report, and conduct SUS business with AMS concerns in mind. All constituency presidents do this—except for those who are either exceptionally involved, or TOO involved, with the AMS.

Oh, by the way, Sumedha has also led efforts to bring constituency executives together for joint discussions and workshops at the Centre for Student Involvement—but you wouldn’t know this, Black Box, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Instead, Black Box gives the game away by highlighting Sumedha’s comments on the Gaza matter. “Jester”, the author of the post, seems to be pathetically obsessed with who supported or didn’t support the tiny $700 donation to the SPHR, and is taking out grudges. Get over it; in the long run, it’s a non-issue. (See how easy it is to attack an anonymous author? Almost as easy as it is to attack others while writing anonymously. Funny how that works.)

Sumedha would make a fine representative on the Board of Governors. You’d be crazy not to vote for her.

End of story.



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