Cannon Fodder

Have you ever wanted to smear a candidate really badly, but have absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back up anything you say? Well, worry about this no more: the Student Union Press has shown us exactly how it’s done. Just invent things in your head, and then post it! Thanks, you anonymous moron of a writer!

“I don’t know if anyone else noticed but…..HER POSTERS ARE IN COLOUR! The money must be coming from somewhere, because no other candidate can afford to plaster colour posters all over campus!”

Oh, I’m so happy having more blogs around. Endless amounts of writing material for us here at the Vanguard.


p.s. I love the passive phrasing of “questions are raised about whether or not katherine has gone over the spending limit or whether or not she’s getting funding from external organizations.” Oh? Who’s raising these questions?



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7 responses to “Cannon Fodder

  1. how many candidates are printing their handbills on doublesided cardstock with bleed?

    • brian platt

      Are you serious? You think she’s going over her limit and spending “foreign money” on POSTCARDS?!

      Why don’t you send her an email and ask her how much they cost? You are smearing her with no justification at all, and you should feel ashamed for it.

  2. bryce.

    Too easy, Brian. This is like kicking a puppy. One that has a blog. And incompetent, poorly-expressed opinions. The sad little thing doesn’t even realize what it’s done wrong. For shame!

  3. Johnny Harpoon

    i posted this on the student union press blog – however i’m sure they’ll be taking it down, as their comment section is moderated.

    thus, i’m reposting it here:

    oh, rumours! what great journalism!

    for more great examples of rumour-based journalism, check out this proposed ad from the american religious right back in 2000:

    “It is rumored that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian.
    “It is rumored that Hillary Clinton supports homosexual marriage.
    It is rumored that Hillary Clinton will leave her husband upon
    taking office. It was rumored that Bill Clinton had an affair
    with Monica Lewinsky.

    Sometimes rumors are true. Shouldn’t you know the truth?

    For more information on traditional family values, please contact the Christian Action Network.”

  4. Timmy

    studentunionpress holds as much stock as Michael Vick in a PETA commercial.

    (too soon?)

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