Bring It On

Yes! Another polarizing, brash, often hilarious-in-an-unintentional-way blog! This time from the right, and the perfect mirror for the Student Union Press. Although unlike S.U.P., Julian is actually blogging under his own name. And unlike Foxtrot, he is actually posting regularly.

UBC needs more blogs! It’s amazing that such a big university has so little in the way of students writing about its politics and culture. Sorry, but the blogs here just ain’t doing it for me.

Obviously Ricardo and I deserve all the credit for this. Rule Number 1: BE INTERESTING.

Also, I updated the last post with Omar’s explanation for why he didn’t come to the debate. And you can tell that Omar has a sense of humour. I like that.




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2 responses to “Bring It On

  1. I so spotted and tweeted about them first. =P

  2. What? Humour? That’s haram and against Sharia law (the new AMS law when I get elected). Jk.

    Vote for Chaaban.

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