Back In Black

Finally, some content from the blog that shut down continuous VFM! As with almost everything Black Box produces, this is a really well-written and provoking post even though I agree with almost nothing in it. [Edit: Although I do agree with Andrew and Allen being named as great councilors; I really admire the work that both of them do.]

But here’s the thing. I have absolutely no respect for anyone who is going to launch a brutal take-down of other people without attaching their name to it. It’s gutless and unfair. For example, when Ricardo calls Imran a pompous ass for listing his high school in his bio, it’s a pretty mean thing to say, but Ricardo puts his name on it and lets others hold him to account for it.

If you’re going to write a vicious attack on Sumedha and Katherine, that’s fine: I firmly believe that politics is better at every level when everyone is subject to negative criticism, however strongly expressed. But not anonymously. If you aren’t willing to put your name on it, don’t publish it.

The guessing game can begin over who writes Black Box. It’s obviously a councilor, or somebody who works very closely with a councilor. And it’s obviously a councilor who was strongly on the side of transferring money to the SPHR, as they are still obsessing over this issue. And it’s obviously someone who is pretty smart and involved. I can narrow this list down in my head to about 4 councilors.

Grow a pair and tell us who you are, Jester. You’re a good writer; now earn yourself some credibility.




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6 responses to “Back In Black

  1. Sarah

    Well spoken as always Brian. That Blackbox post made me incredibly uncomfortable.

  2. michael h

    On more than one occasion I’ve been asked if it was me. But for the record, I’m not BBUBC.

    Not sure if I’m on Brian’s radar or not..

    • brian platt

      Nah, I know it’s not you. It’s not your tone, and also, you wouldn’t have written those accusations against Katherine. Why does everyone always neglect to add that her retraction came after the ombuds report that cleared Bijan of wrongdoing in this instance?

  3. brian platt

    Also, Black Box is apparently unaware of what Jeremy thinks about Resource Group “autonomy”. They should have paid attention during the Presidential debates.

  4. Who’s on the list of 4 other than me?

    I can’t think of anyone.

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