This is part 5 of my ELECTION SELECTIONS. And don’t forget, it’s Condorcet so it’s not just the top pick that matters.

Reminder: VP Admin is responsible for everything in the SUB like clubs.

#1: Kathy Yan Li

What Yan Li’s site (which isn’t listed on the AMS Elections page for some reason) highlights is the key to why she is the best candidate: anyone who would run for the position would work to make designing the new SUB transparent & inclusive to students and make the lives easier for AMS clubs. But Yan Li acknowledges a good VP Admin does something beyond that and has a responsibility to increase the involvement of students on campus. She’s exciting and has as much experience with the AMS as the other candidates (from different perspectives but not any less relevant for this position), and I bet she’s the only candidate to have been on the ground floor of starting an AMS club. That’s how you change student involvement. She could be an Antanas Mockus of the AMS (the former Bogota mayor who reformed the culture of the city and once mooned an auditorium of students who were booing him). And don’t get me wrong, she’s exciting and fun but her work in the Ubyssey business office demonstrates she knows how and when to be professional.

#2: Mike Silley

Marginally more exciting than Katic but nothing compared to the firecracker that is Yan Li (let alone a common mollusk). More of the same rhetoric necessary to mention if applying to this position (New SUB, reduce bureaucracy for clubs, etcetera) but he does mention “creating a new online system for clubs to access their financial and membership information.” First, there’s a perfectly good system in place for clubs to access financial information. Secondly, there hasn’t been much noise from clubs for a system to track membership. All clubs do this internally with whichever system they prefer and I sincerely doubt many clubs are interested in having to regularly submit and track their membership. This may have marginal benefit for the AMS but it’s more bureaucracy with a tiny cost benefit (and by cost I mean monetary and convenience for clubs). Also, bringing up the AMS Whistler lodge is fairly unnecessary as it’ll be on the plate of whoever is VP Admin. Lastly, although it’d be nice to have easy access to seed funding, this would quickly get abused (I certainly would) while current funding opportunities require a demonstration of sustained club existence (understandably so).

#3: Gordon Katic

I’m sorry Katic but it’s hard to get excited about you. Katic has a good idea in regard to extending AV equipment to AMS clubs but extending clubs days and creating a club of the week program are not good ideas, they’re mundane ideas that would do little to change the campus culture. Mentioning equity is not a good idea either and actually a very bad idea. It was a terrible (mandatory but not enforced) idea that is better off in the grave. Fighting cuts against programs like Safewalk which were hugely inefficient doesn’t encourage confidence in decreasing the bureaucracy you are promoting. Also, the AMS has a sophisticated events page. The AMS is good at creating things but bad at implementing and integrating. We don’t need a new events website. Lastly, utilizing the SUB concourse for commercial venture is a good and popular use of it, despite what you may be saying. Kudos for mentioning getting more compost bins though.

And don’t forget to vote for UBC Vanguard in this elections’ Voter Funded Media competition at the end of your ballot!


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