Ricardo’s ELECTION SELECTION: President

This is part 4 of my ELECTION SELECTIONS. And don’t forget, it’s Condorcet so it’s not just the top pick that matters.

#1: Jeremy McElroy

McElroy has the experience, focus, and personality for this position. He has all the best qualities of last year’s front runners for president: the political acumen, relationship with UBC, and professionalism of Bijan Ahmadian with the personality and non self-servingness (and good looks) of Natalie Swift. He will be the first president in recent memory to explicitly support the efforts of whoever his vice presidents will be. He’s making fewer campaign promises but his are much more realistic – he knows what the extent of his portfolio will (and should) be. McElroy is actually capable of breaking the current string of presidents creating scandals.

#2: Michael Moll

Moll’s campaign provides a lot of support to the Commerce student stereotype. He lacks relevant experience but cites his time as a 2nd year representative on the Commerce Undergrad Society council. But he uses lots of important sounding rhetoric with very little if any specific details, even in the abstract (such as his goal “to engage student leaders”). His plank of sustainability is cavalier and mundane, compared to the advanced ideas of other sustainability platforms. And a website so full of spelling, grammar, and formatting errors certainly doesn’t illustrate attention to detail.

#3: Omar Chaaban

Chaaban (formerly Shaban, presumably to avoid connection to his unfortunate past comments on Canada) has a very wide campaign platform mentioning tuition to food services and everything in between. He may be seriously concerned with all these things but he’s a knave to believe he’ll have the time or reach to improve them all. Of course, with most of his planks, he has left it up to the voter to interpret what he means by “better.” I don’t want to guess at what Chaaban intends to do, and I wouldn’t be surprised for another scandal to arise with him at the helm.

Don’t forget to vote for UBC Vanguard in this elections’ Voter Funded Media competition at the end of your ballot!


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  1. Moll before Chabaan? In a Condorcet world, he might mistake that for an endorsement.

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