More Thoughts On VFM Land

I’m happy to see that the Resource Group folks have an election blog now. (I’m going on a gut feeling that it’s run by one of them; feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, although I’ll be skeptical.) [Edit: Michael Cheung speculates in the comments that the blog seems too uninformed to be a resource group blog; he might be right. Modifying my skepticism appropriately.] I thought it was weird that they didn’t have one before, meaning that comments on the election from that crowd had to be published as Facebook notes and such.

The blogosphere is so much more fun when different voices are out there and we can all go after each other. I know Alyssa likes it when we hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but the thing is….that’s BORING.

However, although I love polemics, this attack on Justin Yang is possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve read so far (except for everything published on Foxtrot.) Yeah, Justin, we’re on to you: that poster is a blatant copy of another poster! Thought you could get away with it, huh? Too bad, the Student Union Press caught you!

And what’s this madness about wanting to keep calm? EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE, WHY AREN’T YOU ANGRY?! Why the hell would we want to elect someone who is immensely qualified and is promising to make calm, rational decisions?

But I do have to admit that anyone who knows Justin would immediately identify him as today’s Charles de Gaulle. You’ve really nailed him there, Student Union Press. Justin Yang: Gaullist who wants to smash student activism.

Finally, I might add that this interpretation of the British poster…

“keep calm and carry on” was a poster intended to be used in london at the outbreak of WWII and the blitz. it was meant to tell residents to stay calm and just continue what you are doing as if nothing is going on.

…is one way to look at it. The other way is that it symbolizes British stoicism in the face of adversity that anyone growing up in cushy Vancouver could never even imagine. Everyone in Britain at that point was sure that their country was on the verge of being invaded by Nazis—and it would have been, if the Battle of Britain hadn’t been won.

Not that we need to take this so seriously; it’s just a mock poster. But hey, they started it.

(See? Isn’t this fun?)


Update: Azim writes a follow-up novel here, in response to the Facebook note attacking Parson.



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9 responses to “More Thoughts On VFM Land

  1. AJ

    I can start hating on you, if you want.

  2. Michael C

    Ohemgee, I never thought to link studentunionpress with the resource groups.
    And I can see where you would think that, though I would’ve thought Parson would’ve been attacked on before Justin Yang.

    And they seem WAY more uninformed than resource groups. They all the candidates are unknowns, haven’t made a single endorsement, haven’t done research, and just slapped on a default theme for their blog (Unlike you, their content is shit, so they have no excuse).

    My guess was that it was from somebody who came from a high school with student council dramaz and srs bsns and was unsatisfied at how “un-seriously” we take our student politics around here.

    Or just an absolute ass.

    Yea, probably that.

  3. Michael C

    Now that I’ve read through the facebook post, I’d have to say studentunionpress is probably not resource group material.

    Maybe they’re UBCS4S, if you want to tie everything together?

    • brian platt

      Yeah, you might be right. I guess the more appropriate term might have been Knollie….that’s a much broader term than Resource Group people, right? I’m still getting used to all this terminology.

  4. brian platt

    I like it much better when people don’t publish anonymously.

  5. brian platt

    Haha, although check out the endorsements that just went up 10 minutes ago. NEVER SAW THAT ONE COMING

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