Back To Business

Alright, both Ricardo and I have been out of commission over the weekend; Ricardo was winter camping, I was organizing pretty much the awesomest party thrown by a student society this year.

The Hood Internet, rocking Mardi Gras

So we’ll get back into the swing of things now and start posting regular updates. Voting begins tomorrow! I also need to sit down and give the recent CITR debate a listen, as I haven’t yet heard the Presidents and VPXs debate each other. Will post my thoughts on that soon.

I see Ricardo got ripped twice over the weekend; once for being a meanie (although I called Ricardo a meanie for that post as well), and once for ranking Parson third. Azim wrote us a novel on why he disagreed with Ricardo’s VP Academic posting, and good on him for doing that. We like debate here. I’ll let Ricardo defend himself; myself, I’d probably rank Parson second instead of third. Although Azim also called us “shallow”, and honestly Azim, let’s go for a beer sometime and talk about your endorsement record in recent constituency elections. I’d love to hear your explanation of shallow versus non-shallow.

Anyway, stick around–we’re halfway through the election season, and the fun ain’t over yet!



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