This is part 2 of my ELECTION SELECTIONS.

#1: Elin Tayyar

Tayyar’s biggest failing this year as the incumbent was that he would get bullied around the budget. Nonetheless, he addressed the surprising revenue shortage from AMS businesses and combined Safewalk (a terribly innefficient service) with the Safety Office, saving an estimated $80,000/year. At the last AMS Council meeting he announced that the AMS extended health & dental plan would migrate to the service provider Blue Cross, with the same coverage at a cheaper rate. With the current search for a new AMS Treasurer and Controller, the AMS certainly benefits from continuity in this portfolio more than ever before. His eyes are on dealing with the AMS Whistler lodge next year but leaving the direction open to Council: a good decision on a decisive issue. And he’s serious about the brew pub. Or at least serious enough to be interested and investigating how it would work actively. That’s a step in the right direction. Lastly, I think Tayyar might grow a bit of a backbone in his sophomore year in the position and the likely exec of Jeremy McElroy & friends are less like likely to take advantage of Tayyar as last year.

#2: Arash Ehteshami

Ehteshami is not a special candidate and he’s just not a better choice than Tayyar. He spouts rhetoric of more student engagement and discourse but to suggest that this hasn’t happened is naive. Tayyar’s main issue last year is that he tried to listen to everyone and compromised too frequently at first. Of course student participation in funding allocation is important but that’s the purpose of the AMS Council representatives. Perhaps SOME (few) “students would be outraged” by the budget but only after pouring over many details for hours on end. Ehteshami definitely hasn’t noted where students should be outraged or what needs to change. He also has upgrading the AMS Whistler lodge as a firm plank in his platform though that is an area that still needs a lot of discuss, you know, with students for one.


And don’t forget to vote for UBC Vanguard in this elections’ Voter Funded Media competition at the end of your ballot!


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