Ricardo’s Twit of the Day for Jan 12: Michael Moll

I was thinking about including Omar Chaaban in this one but he’s already had his moment in this segment.

Michael Moll’s website looks like it was thought up and designed by a 50-year-old underdog for mayor of Buttfuck, Nowhere. It has obvious grammatical and formatting errors as well as all-but-dead links, includes a platform of empty, grandiose rhetoric, and is rougher around the edges than a sunken barge. Hell, it makes Omar Chaaban’s Blogs for Dummies look like a bestseller, despite similar useless rhetoric.

IT’S CALLED ATTENTION TO DETAIL. I’m surprised you never put on your shirt backwards. Well, maybe you do.

You may or may not vote for Jeremy, but at least you know what he’s about from his website, specifically. (You could argue that you know what you’re getting from Moll’s–and Chaaban’s–websites but it’s a pretty mean comment. And I’m not about that.)

Lastly, the only way to find Michael Moll’s website via facebook? Reading the URL from one of his photos which is not even his profile pic. Another third-place idea.

Michael Moll: mikemoll.ca
Omar Chaaban: chaaban.ca
Jeremy McElroy: votejeremy.com



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4 responses to “Ricardo’s Twit of the Day for Jan 12: Michael Moll

  1. About finding his site: It’s actually as easily accessible than you think. It’s in his facebook group info, status updates, and he tweets ow.ly links to it.

    It is horrible, though. Horrible, but accessible.

    Also, he prefers the link icametolead.ca

    • rmb1987

      I’m not his friend on facebook so I’m not in the group and I don’t follow any candidates on twitter. If I search him on facebook, nothing I can see on his profile directs you to the site and no group comes up.

  2. thanks for the love guys. lol

  3. So all you did was Facebook search and come upon his limited Facebook profile? Talk about research.

    I see you come from the Toope School of Twitter, too.

    Least of all, you could’ve checked the AMS elections website or the Ubyssey, where most non-hack students get their election news. It’s all posted up over there.

    Michael Moll already has a pretty easy to find website. You want to talk about hard to find websites? How about Arash’s? His Facebook profile lists the website with which he ran for AUS VP Internal. His old site does nothing to redirect to his new one. It’s only after finding his Facebook event that you see one link to his very similarly named campaign website. On the new website, the contact form is broken and you have to go back to his old one to reach him, since his email is also not available in “limited profile” mode.

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