Clusterfuck of council: voting?

Erik MacKinnon originally announced that the system of voting employed for voting would possibly depend on AMS Council suspending code to allow first-past-the-vote. Apparently, implementing Condorcet was still in play, and even the voting platform (Webvote, external system, make UBC do it, paper (?!)) wasn’t set.

I repeat, five days before voting is set to begin, the voting platform or even system of voting is not set. But there’s options. People don’t want to extend the voting deadline so Elections Administrator Erik Mackinnon is going to try to implement Condorcet system and an external platform over the weekend and fall back on WebVote if necessary.

AMS Councilor Iggy Rodriguez is incredibly irate that we would switch from first-past-the-post to Condorcet at the last minute but let’s be clear: first-past-the-post incentivizes strategic voting but changing to Condorcet means at worst that the people who were strategically campaigned to would still vote the same way. Strategic campaigning would only be worthwhile to do if changing from a Condorcet system to first-past-the-post.

Council voted to suspend code and let the Elections Committee to decide whether to implement Condorcet (i.e. they’re going to try and get an external voting platform implemented by Monday which uses Condorcet and if doesn’t work will use first-past-the-post voting and Webvote).

No candidates running were allowed to vote on the system change, decided through tons of squabble.


UPDATE: Condorcet is on. Well done, Mr Elections Administrator.


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