I’m talking about Sean Cregten, the speaker of AUS Council and, until recently, Board of Governors candidate. In my cell phone directory I have him as Admiral Ackbar and one time I tried to text him something and texted a different Sean by accident, and it was awkward.

Oh, also, for those who live under a rock have a life and don’t know everything about student politics, Sean ran for an AMS seat last year as a joke candidate on the Star Wars slate….and beat a real candidate for the position. Since then, he has been known as Ackbar throughout the land. And everyone loves Ackbar.

Now, before I continue: if anyone leaves a comment here about “It’s A Trap!”, or posts that on twitter, or whatever, I will hunt you down, come to your house, ring your doorbell, and politely express my annoyance. I am SO sick of that joke. It stopped being funny in April. Okay?

So why did Sean withdraw? Well, he told me from the beginning that if he thought there were really strong candidates running for the position, he might drop out because he didn’t want to split any votes and enable the wrong people to win. And I’m guessing that’s the decision he made here. Everyone who knows Sean knows him as a classy and standup guy, and it’s completely like him to do this. Even though he’s 100% qualified for BoG.

Which leave Sumedha, Ben, Sean, and AJ the Vandal left in the race. It’s still going to be a fun race to cover. But not quite as competitive.




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6 responses to “ACKBAR WITHDRAWS

  1. Sean Cregten

    Thanks for the kind words, Brian.

    Sumedha Sharma, Sean Heisler and Ben Cappellacci would all be great student representatives on Board, and I feel confident that any one of them would be an excellent choice.

    Your blog is a trap. Yeah.

  2. Isabel

    Brian thanks for the news even if it is sad. Sean I was looking forward to having you in BoG next year. Now I guess i wont bother coming back. 😉

  3. Kathleen

    Oh dear, now I have to think.

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