Twit of the Day for Jan 10: Omar Shaban/Chaaban

From today till the end of voting you’ll see a daily segment here called Twit of the Day where I (Ricardo) highlight one nitwit who is running in the AMS Elections.

Brian beat me to the punch today (teaches me to enjoy free passes to Wilco: Ashes of American Flags; thanks CITR!) but nonetheless, today’s Twit of the Day for January 10th is Omar Shaban.

What kind of nitwit banks on only 50 signatures exactly? These seem like possible arguments to me to do this: 1. Shaban only could get 50 signatures (good luck running if that was the case), 2. Shaban only had enough time to get 50 signatures (way to plan ahead – foresight definitely is not an important quality in a presidential candidate), or 3. Shaban banked that the 50 he had would fly (a president arrogant enough to ignore the concept of contingency is perfect for the AMS’s current financial state).

Omar Shaban, you are a nitwit. But you’re gone, so at least you don’t need to worry about being noted as a nitwit multiple times this election period.

Good riddance. Fewer wasted votes.

BONUS: what’s with the name change (Shaban/Chaaban)? Hoping that an alternative translation would avoid people getting the unsavory “Fuck Canada” scandal as the top hits when searching your name? I thought you handled the question well when posed in The Ubyssey‘s profile but I guess you wanted to play it safe. Wait, what the what?!


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One response to “Twit of the Day for Jan 10: Omar Shaban/Chaaban

  1. Michael C

    Regarding Bonus: That was what I thought too! Now I cannot make witty jokes about it!

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