Ricardo’s Twit of the Day for Jan 11: Erik MacKinnon

Today’s twit of the day is a little too easy: Erik MacKinnon. I don’t want to bank that he’ll provide more material and I’m confident that other people will demonstrate why they are exceptional nitwits so I’m going to start by naming 6 reasons why Isabel Ferreras was a better elections administrator last year than Erik MacKinnon is this year.

1) Isabel has a full head of luscious hair. Erik does not.
2) Isabel had a shiny new marketing campaign. Erik changed the date on the posters and re-printed them.
3) Isabel had the AMS elections page ready to go before the week of the all-candidates meeting. Erik did not.
4) Isabel was accessible 24/7 via text by direct messaging her personal twitter. Erik doesn’t know how to spell his middle name on facebook.
5) Isabel had 10 times as many audience members for her first candidate forum. Erik started 10 minutes late.
6) Isabel is probably better in the…certain situations that arise, er, come up.

I’m not gonna rail on the current Webvote system since 1) Erik was between a rock and a hard place, & 2) that deserves proper reaming seeing as the funds they did have for a new system were sufficient for a system upgrade in time.

Attending the forum today made me realize that there’s a lot of things wrong with a lot of things regarding AMS elections: the way elections are advertised, the whole VFM situation, and even how elections are treated by the people most involved (e.g. candidates, hacks, and the media). Erik can’t be blamed for a lot of this but I’ll be impressed if I’m impressed (and end up in a meta-impression cycle).

Also, kudos to Erik’s idea to increase word of mouth by getting people to award prizes if they are asked about the elections, driving regular students to ask random strangers about the elections.

Best of luck nonetheless Erik. You nitwit.



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5 responses to “Ricardo’s Twit of the Day for Jan 11: Erik MacKinnon

  1. A Pissed Off VFM

    fucking hilarious. also.

    6) Isabel is probably better in the…certain situations that arise, er, come up.

    aka Isabel is better in situations/positions with things that rise and come?

  2. brian platt

    If anybody hasn’t figured it out yet, or didn’t see our first post, Ricardo is dating last year’s EA. Not that that makes all of his points irrelevant. A lot of people have been complaining about election materials so far.

  3. Baldy McLectadmin

    Okay, you got me on 1, 2 and 5. But…

    3 – I swear, there was a page up before the holidays! Webe Ditor claims some mess with WordPress happened and reverted it. True stories.

    4 – I challenge this 24×7 claim! Currently I am only managing 22×2 and unsure how long until this switches to 2×22.

    6 – Okay, I’ll admit defeat on this.

    So I score 40%! Better than some of my first year Calc grades!

  4. Izzie fo shizzie


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