He’s Baaaaaaaack

Erik says on twitter that Omar’s back in the race. This is good news for us following the election, as it’s a much more interesting race with him in it. Though I’m sure Ricardo will still stick with his Twit of the Day; having only 50 signatures is really asking for trouble (and not a case of, as Omar put it, “if it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be.”)

Apparently this happened last year–a candidate being disqualified, then brought back in. For the future, can we please make ABSOLUTE SURE of the situation before announcing anything? That’d be nice.

So anyway, good luck to ya, Omar. And please: keep the quotes coming.

As for this….well, we’ll see. I was told at the beginning that this was allowed, and it’s been allowed in the past, so until that changes…full steam ahead.

Update: Erik says that I can still write, but only Ricardo can get paid. That’s fine;  I was doing this less for the money than for the provocation anyway. Voter Funded Media needs more interesting writing!



Turns out that Erik is off the hook on this one. Well, it’s not his fault but it might not have been the best to announce it so quickly. Turns out the student whose student number was invalid attends one of UBC’s associate colleges. Moreover, her tuition was stated as unpaid in the UBC database but had actually been paid (in good faith) by the associate college. There’s always a delay updating the university’s database of students, especially with the associate colleges. Unfortunately, Erik didn’t learn this from Isabel Ferreras last year who disqualified and soon after re-qualified presidential candidate Sean Kim for insufficient signatures.

– Ricardo


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