AJ The Vandal

So I’m reading about Faust’s bargain with the devil for my history seminar, and drinking a lot of rum and coke (by the way, whenever you read anything on here, assume that the author has consumed a healthy amount of alcohol beforehand), and suddenly the thought occurred to me:

If you’re running for Board of Governors, which makes decisions on all kinds of incredibly important land use issues, why the hell would you think it was a good idea to go spray paint your name all over campus? I mean, honestly: spray paint?

If you haven’t noticed, AJ Hajian, who is running for BoG (and also Senate and Student Legal Fund, but seems to really care about BoG), has used a stencil to spray paint his name all over the bus loop, the SUB grounds, the pavement outside Irving K., and possibly a bunch of other areas. And word on the street, to coin a phrase, is that the SUB Proctor was furious when they saw the spray paint everywhere.

Now, unless he’s an incredibly unintelligent person, I’m assuming that this is some kind of biodegradable rain-washawayable spray paint, seeing as the giant words on his website say “SUSTAINABLE CAMPUS.” [EDIT: Taylor says it’s liquid chalk. Yeah, but it looks like spray paint, don’t it? Most people walking by it will think so.] Surely you wouldn’t be silly enough to use real spray paint; in that case, what you’ve done isn’t advertising so much as vandalism.

But regardless, it’s kind of lazy compared to the candidates and their volunteers who have scratched up their knuckles chalking, and it looks terrible as far as optics go. Dude, don’t spray paint.

Alright, back to Faust.


UPDATE: Oh, now I see what Taylor was talking about. The AMS Elections twitter account has been all over this in the past hour. That’s what I get for doing homework.

UBC Plant Ops determined that it was spray paint which is really difficult to get off, and AJ has been fined a total of $50. Good!



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2 responses to “AJ The Vandal

  1. Miss Confidential

    its liquid chalk. do you guys ever read twitter? am i the only commentor ever?

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