Original & Fresh

Brian: Well Ricardo, I’d say we’re off to a pretty good start here–oh, except for Taylor Loren accusing us of being ramble-y and plagiarizing her. Rambling on…I have no excuse for that. But why would we plagiarize the ineffable institution of AMS Confidential?

Ricardo: Lulz!! OMG I have no idea what she’s on…about. She went all Devil Wears Prada after we both said that Justin Yang is a former senator. She said it was copied “word for word” from her! Which it wasn’t!!! Although next time if I quote something from her that she wrongly stated on her blog, I’ll be sure to let the world know that Taylor was the first person to be wrong about it! I TOTALLY PROMISE TO ATTRIBUTE YOUR MISTAKES PROPERLY, TAYLOR!!!

Brian: Wait, stop talking about this. Let’s talk about the HAWTTEST candidates! Who is HAWT and SEX-AY?! Let’s talk about that and spend a few hours photoshopping sparkly pictures with garish colours!! We can haz VFM money now???

Ricardo: OH MY GOD did you see what that guy was wearing?! Like, what is UP with that? HAHAHAHAHAH unicorns

Bring it, Taylor!

*** Hearts and owl pellets from the Vanguard ***



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3 responses to “Original & Fresh

  1. Kai

    I’d just like to point out, again, that Taylor ≠ AMS Confidential, and that there are actually a few of us working for that ineffable institution, some of whom aren’t as quick to yell plagiarism when our hastily-collected internet facts have, simultaneously, been hastily collected by other people. It’s like we use the same source or something, eh, Facebook?

    I’m just glad this didn’t get blown out of proportion. Gosh, the temptation to belittle our tone/style/work/satire must have been soooo overwhelming—thanks for not giving in! I, for one, will certainly take these reasoned, respectful criticisms to heart. Like, way totally.

  2. I started laughing that you talked about me first
    Then I noticed the whole post was about me
    But I was still laughing

  3. brian platt

    : )

    It’s all in good fun. Poke us with a stick, we poke back.

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