Omar, We Hardly Knew Ya

Well, the Presidential race just became less interesting. Omar Shaban (Chaaban?) was disqualified today for not not having enough nominations. AMS Confidential, whose information we would never doubt for one second, says that Omar defied conventional wisdom by handing in a form with exactly 50 names on it. Candidates are advised to get more than 50 in case a few names don’t check out, and unfortunately for Omar, at least one of his names didn’t check out.

It sucks for him, having gone through all this effort, though I doubt he ever had much of a chance of winning. And although it seems pretty trivial to throw a candidate out on ONE name on his nomination form, rules are still rules, and Omar should have gotten more names on the form. He’s written on Twitter that he will dispute the ruling, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have been disqualified unless both Enrolment Services and the EA had a solid case.

It sucks for the Vanguard too, because Omar would have supplied us with lots of great writing material, such as his assertion that in a campaign for AMS President, “people shouldn’t have prejudice against candidates because of a political position.” Riiiiiiiiiiiight……

Say what you will about Omar, he was an interesting candidate, and from all accounts, a very nice guy to talk to. His withdrawal is also almost certainly a boon for McElroy, as Omar’s votes will definitely not go to Moll—although they might go to Bijan “Tender Hugs” Ahmadian.

All-candidates forum in the conversation pit in the SUB tomorrow at 11am.



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