Meanwhile, In VFM Land

The blog which raised a shitstorm over not being allowed into VFM has so far posted nothing on the election. This is something I’m sure Taylor Loren will agree with us on: okay Black Box, you got continuous VFM money suspended because you were insistent on staying anonymous….for the love of God, at least post something. Anything, really.

Foxtrot UBC, with whom I’ve developed a long-running, mostly hilarious feud (they don’t like me because I’m not a girl, I don’t like them because they’re useless and never post anything), said the UBC Vanguard has no artistic value. Which is actually a good point to bring up, whether meant in jest or not: we basically started this blog because of sites like Foxtrot, which compete for thousands of dollars of VFM money, taken from student fees, but spend way too much time worrying about how they look instead of writing interesting content.

So come on, VFM sites, let’s see what you’ve got. If you’re going to take cash from students, earn it by writing things that add something to the conversation. Yeah?




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4 responses to “Meanwhile, In VFM Land

  1. Thank you, Brian. I’m so sick of blogs filled with sparkly text and excessive capslock masquerading as sources of reliable information for students.

  2. taylorloren

    What are your thoughts on That’s a VFM.

    • brian platt

      there’s nothing there to comment on. it’s being used right now as a public service bulletin board for, i don’t know, himself and the AMS. who is going to vote for that in VFM?

      what i want is more provocative, interesting commentary. it’s crazy that such a huge university doesn’t have more of it.

  3. Michael C

    Can’t you still be artistic and minimalist at the same time?
    BlackBox sure can. Where’s that little bit of Arts in you?

    And we already have a serious, non-sparkly VFM. It’s UBC Insiders, the fact machine with no bias.

    Can’t you at least slap on a better default theme? I get the fact that you’ve got your hands busy with content and you’re a new VFM, and I don’t blame you for it, but please, don’t make this look long term =P

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