Brian Live Blogs The All-Candidates Meeting

Is it possible that nothing will happen and I’ll have nothing interesting to say and this will end within 10 minutes of the meeting starting?


But follow along anyway to find out!

4:21 – I’m drinking beer.

4:56 – The door is locked. We are waiting for the PROCTOR. Proctor is one of my favourite words. Ricardo told me is in drinking along in the lab out of solidarity.

5:01 – I’m hungry.

5:01 – Oh my god, there’s pizza.

5:03 – It’s starting. Erik is introducing the people who are on the elections team. Audrey, the events person, and Rebecca, the chief returning officer.

5:04 – Role call! Making sure all the candidates are here. People should have to say “present”, like in kindergarten.

5:06 – Gordon Katic isn’t wearing a bowtie.

5:07 – Ben just had his name called?? I heard he wasn’t running for anything. Well, don’t trust us for inside scoops.

5:09 – Oh, he’s running for BoG. That stands for Board of Governors, but Bog is funner to say.

5:10 – Honestly, why would anyone need a lens as big as that on a camera? Overcompensating.

5:12 – Ed Durgan is here! The author of the greatest letter to ever be published in the Ubyssey.

5:14 – Erik: “Ignorance of the law is not a defence.” As long as the rules are properly promulgated, which is what I learned in my philosophy of law course. You can all go look up promulgated in the dictionary now.

5:17 – Don’t mess with Texas, or the AMS logo. Also, don’t use purple posters, because that’s for Arts Week. Oh, and for AMS Elections apparently.

5:19 – Erik will penalize premature launching. Of campaign materials.

5:21 – I’m trying to figure out what Erik has tatooed on his bicep. It’s in Chinese. He needs to lift up his sleeve.

5:22 – Just realized that last comment can be taken as if I’m trying to see his bicep. Oh, the perils of liveblogging. By the way, we don’t know who’s running for what yet. Just hearing about all the rules.

5:25 – These anti-slate rules bug me, because people run on teams no matter what. Now they just have to do this Orwellian thing where they aren’t *officially* running as a team, and they’ll be okay as long as Big Brother doesn’t catch them discussing things in such terms. I get the argument for having no slates, but I don’t like it.

5:30 – There are going to be debates right inside Totem and Vanier this year, just before dinnertime. It’s a good idea, as long as it’s advertised well within the buildings.

5:31 – I have to go to the bathroom.

5:34 – January 17th was when Neal Yonson wanted to have a “unofficial” debate organized by blogs and the Ubyssey, but that’s when the Totem debate are. Holy, this is a lot of debates.

5:37 – SUS President and implacable AUS President rival Sumedha Sharma is running for Board of Governors. This is going to be SUCH a fun election to cover.

5:39 – To get your campaign expenditures reimbursed, you have to get a certain number of votes, but it’s pretty low. Really, as long as you have a good name on the ballot like Admiral Ackbar or something, you’ll get enough votes.

5:41 – If other people service you, you have to declare it as a campaign expense. If you service yourself, it’s fine. I’m talking about making websites and such.

5:43 – Ricardo wants me to comment on what people are wearing and such, but what he forgets or doesn’t know is that I know nothing about clothes. I can barely dress myself.

5:45 – Don’t chalk names on the ground within 5 metres of each other, or it’s a slate. This is the sort of thing I’m talking about.

5:47 – Ricardo just called Erik a socialist on our twitter account.!/UBCvanguard/status/23556166156034048

5:50 – There will be a public penalty box for candidates who commit penalties, so we will all know about it. Which means it will be published on twitter and the website; it would be better if the candidate was tarred and feathered and marched down Main Mall, but whatever.

5:54 – Erik should have learned more about the complaints process after the election before talking about it at the meeting. But he points people to the code. Bijan clarifies that there is currently no chief justice of student court, so you write your appeal to AMS speaker Dave Tompkins. Is there anything Dave doesn’t do?

6:01 – Taylor is asking questions about how VFM works. I should pay attention to this. Oh, Ricardo and I are going to have to pay a fee. UNACCEPTABLE

6:04 – Rory asks when the last day would be to have a referendum question put on the ballot. Everyone is debating; it sounds like today would have been the deadline. Was the SJC planning to submit a referendum? Hmmmmmm

6:06 – Here comes the list of candidates!

6:07 – Here are the exec positions. I’ll have to do the other ones later, because there are too many names. Spellings may not be correct.


Michael Moll

Jeremy McElroy

Isaac Rosenberg

Omar Shaban

VP Academic

Matt Parsons

Justin Yang

Jennifer Wang

VP Admin

Kathy Yan Li (though she’s a joke candidate)

Mike Silley

Gordon Katic

VP External

Katherine Tyson

Mitch Wright

Rory Breasail

VP Finance

Arash Ehteshami

Elin Tayyar

6:14 – Neal at UBC Insiders says one of the names on the ballot is Bijan “Thunder Hugs” Ahmadian. I guess that’s Isaac? Pretty sure the other three are serious.

6:42 – Full candidate list is here. Neal updates “Thunder Hugs” to “Tender Hugs”–very important to know. Alright, I’m going home.



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2 responses to “Brian Live Blogs The All-Candidates Meeting

  1. The Peanut Gallery behind you is chuckling.

  2. There is larger in terms of overcompensating lenses:

    800mm telephoto lens, at 20 inches long that is by far a more telling sign of compensation.

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