AMS ELECTION 2011 – the exec candidates

Ricardo here, stuck in a lab with the internet (Oracle to Brian’s Nightwing, if you will) so I’ve been able to put together some background on candidates.



Jeremy McElroy – current VP External, dating Ubyssey editor, regular dj at UBC events, my mother and girlfriend compete for “loves Jeremy McElroy the most” award. Once best known for promoting war on fun, now best known for tweets about how he loves his job while in Victoria/Ottawa/Montreal/etc.

Isaac Rosenberg – running as “Bijan “Tender Hugs” Ahmadian”, president of UBC Allies (an AMS resource group), has “a dead dude’s eye in his eye.”

Michael Moll -Sauder student, international student, 3rd-year rep on CUS board, starting online magazine called “What’s Good.”

Omar Shaban – member of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, former vice president of Canadian Arab Federation for Western Canada (during which he once called Canada a “genocidal state” and stated on Canada Day, “Couldn’t be more ashamed to be Canadian […] Fuck Canada,” posting on his facebook page “Happy Genocide Day Canada”).

VP Finance

Elin Tayyar – incumbent, member of Beta Theta Pi (stereotypical frat: beer, sports, macho),  former SAC vice-chair, apparently has an interest in concrete.

Arash Ehteshami – current AUS VP Internal, dating current SUS president, member of Kappa Sigma (the biggest frat).

VP External

Katherine Tyson – current AMS councilor, chairs university and external relations committee (UnECoRn, somehow), caller-outer of Bijan during land use letter scandal, UBC BC Young Liberals president (unfortunately?).

Mitch Wright -current associate VP External, former AMS Elections Voter Funded Media coordinator, has a kitten.

Rory Breasail – another member of the Social Justice Council, current AMS councilor (and long time keener proxy-er), also member of UnECoRn.

VP Admin

Gord Katic – current president of guy who does a lot of stuff with the Social Justice Centre (i.e resource groups at centre of AMS “terrorism” investigation), vice president of the Allies resource group, presumably has Noam Chomsky’s vote (what the what?!).

Mike Silley – former AUS president loser non-winning candidate, member of Sigma Chi (the “chauncy douchebag” frat) and former ritualist (in charge of hazing), chair of AMS Business & Facilities Committee.

Kathy Yan Li – longtime Ubyssey fiend, currently looking for a roommate.

VP Academic

Jennifer Wang – ??? (yikes, good luck against Justin Yang).

Justin Yang – current VP Finance of AUS, former VP Finance of SUS, current student senator, current coordinator of AMS tutoring, former coordinator of AMS mini-school.

Matt Parsons – president of UBC Interfraternity Council, member of Phi “High” Delta Theta (the dry fraternity).



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13 responses to “AMS ELECTION 2011 – the exec candidates

  1. Miss Confidential

    “Justin Yang – current VP Finance of AUS, former VP Finance of SUS, former student senator, current coordinator of AMS tutoring, former coordinator of AMS mini-school.”

    taken word for word from Confidential, how do I know? because we made a mistake and justin’s actually a current student senator (and running again)

    hearts and unicorns,

    • rmb1987

      embarrassing that we made the same mistake. Also, no word for word at all.

      • brian platt

        Ooooooh we’ve already got a fight going with AMS Confidential. (Although considering I fight for Justin’s affections constantly with Science, I would have NEVER made that mistake.)

  2. brian platt

    Also, I have to express a little sympathy for Jennifer…speaking as someone who ran without any name recognition last year against two guys who were in frats and on council already. DON’T LOSE HOPE JENNIFER, IT’S POSSIBLE!

  3. rmb1987

    Yea, give it yer best Jennifer Wang. I said that because I was frustrated at how many “Jennifer Wang”s there are at UBC.

  4. pilar

    like, duh, mitch was sooooo not CRO, mister former CRO. he was VFM coordinator/sarina’s BEE EFF EFF.


  5. Rory

    Among other things, the SJC doesn’t have a “president” position. The position you may be referring to is Administrative Coordinator, which is currently vacant and is the subject of the SJC by-election on Monday.

    Gordon is the Vice President of UBC Alllies but has no executive position in the SJC.

    This probably comes off as pretty snarky and overly nitpicky, but Brian told me to point out any factual inaccuracies.

    All told this list is probably the most in depth and comprehensive election coverage there is right now – I’ll let people make their own decisions regarding how to feel about that.

    • brian platt

      Haha, it’s definitely not nitpicky to point out that he’s not the president, and that a president position doesn’t even exist. That’s why Ricardo put “updates forthcoming” on this post…when you do this all by internet and put it up quickly, you’re going to get a few mistakes.

  6. It’s too bad this article shows who the author is supporting by only making fun of the candidates they don’t like. It would have been a much funnier article if everybody was made fun of… or if the author didn’t like anyone… just sayin’

    Other than this article, I think every article so far has been stellar! Keep it up Ric and Brian!

    • rmb1987

      I think you’re referring to the VP Academic race. To be fair, I like Jeremy personally and made the most fun of him overall I think. I’d be happy to make more fun of him if you’re like. Jeremy is soooooo X that when he was born, his mother Y’d a Z!

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